whispers if you want to join the game here’s the info


link: http://pyz.socialgamer.net/index.php

server: a falcon with a box on its head

game: grantaire

password: patria 

alternate password: no password

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Official Declaration of Hiatus for Definitivelysarah and Related Blogs


Hi I’m Sarah and I’m mentally unstable and depressed. 

So I’m taking a break from Tumblr to focus on my mental health!

I have a queue on Impossiblysarah, but that’s it. There won’t be any content on this, or any blog this is reblogged to, from 12/14/13 to 1/4/14 or until I judge myself recovered enough to handle Tumblr in moderation.

You can contact me on twitter @justgoawayplz, on instagram @definitivelysarah, or on iMessage by texting definitivelysarah@icloud.com from your iPhone! 

I love you guys, but Tumblr is interfering with my identity. 


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Les Amis de la Uni: Partie Un

Marius is a dork with a Napoleon poster

Anonymous: I. Adore. This. Blog.

Thank you!!! You’re p cool yourself, anon!

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npc2: You are the greatest

No, you! For being a fan! We would be nowhere without you guys!!!

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yurilu-remade309js341h8d7hs83: i l o v e t h i s b l o g

Thank you!!! Submit headcanons to see it keep going!!

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Jehan’s dying wish

raccooninthegirlslockerroom: i hope you know im crying because every single fucking post is freaking hilarious u basterd i just did my makeup

Thank you!!! Sorry about your makeup but you know collateral damage

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Request: Enjolras grew his hair out in the hiatus. Brought to you by actual crayon artist definitivelysarah.

I graduated, guys!!!! Now an official high school graduate is running this blog!!!

Submit your headcanons

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Anonymous: Are you the same person who does the hunger games ones?